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no copy&paste?

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Feb. 19th, 2010 | 07:17 pm
mood: apathetic apathetic

Recently, I've decided to use oneword.com to make lots of random drabbles, which I have been.  Mind you, these things are short, and have no point at all, but it's still fun to do.  I suppose what I should actually concentrate on are my transformers fics... but still, I always feel somewhat reluctant to write.  I guess I should suck it up and write anyways. =P

Funny thing though... I tried to post it here, but it's not letting me copy + paste.  Which is annoying.  My blogger didn't protest, so it's on my blogger, but not up on livejournal.  I wonder if it's possible to link the two sites together so that I'd only have to post on one site for it to be on both? I'll have to look into that.  Anyways, ta~ for now.

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